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Mitsuko Souma


Kristin. 18. Female. New Jersey. Seni09r. Girly. International business major. Artist. Liberal. Narcissist. Gamer. Pessimist. Outrageous. Endearing. Full of wanderlust. Not a total bitch.


Likes: Art. Driving. Cute clothes. Barack Obama. Mokomichi Hayami. 4chan. Japan. Xbox. Snarky bitches. Jin Akanishi. Hot summers. Tennis. Coat West. LOST. Fall Out Boy.. Traveling. Rap.
Dislikes: Sarah Palin. Twilight. Poor grammar. Blisters. Weaboos. Bad hair days. Fish. Dirty sheets. Mint. Passive aggressive idiots. Liars.



Cyanide and Happiness


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“Bow and pretend that you’re not a legend.”
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[November 22, 2005]

So, something happened to me today that gave me a good laugh. I mean, I've seen the head-over-heals stereotypical guys before, but this--This is just... You've got to be kidding me.

I received a note today. No, wait, let me rephrase that better. Something along the lines of a note of admiration. And I quote:



You are the most incredible woman I've ever known and I want you to know this.

You're more beautiful, strong and wonderfully powerful than anyone I've ever seen.


I'm in your class and I admire you every time I see you.


I love you.


-Your Admirer


Blatantly a guy taking the 'Let me pretend I care' trick. It doesn't matter if he approaches shy as a gentleman. When it comes down it, the fact of the matter is still the same: He's just like every other chauvanistic, sex driven man out there. The only difference is he has more tact.

Whoever the hell he is...

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Nothing of Worthy Mention [November 11, 2005]

God, I'm exhausted.

I'm in some sad bastard's basement right now. His name is Yamagata, some hit man for the yazuka or some scandal like that. He ended up slamming a door on my hand (God help me, the fool actually believes it's all his fault). Long story short, I'm staying in his basement room for a few more weeks at least. It's cold and a bit on the damp side, but it's decked out real classy and it's good for a night's sleep. Not much of a night left in it, considering it's four in the morning, but whatever.

I've got to start finding another place to crash at, though. Yamagata's been getting tired of the same old... Routine. I think I'll just find one of his buddy's to help me out. Guys in the Yakuza tend to come from posh little homes loaded with cash. I'll find comfort in that. Somehow.

If that doesn't work, I can always come into money myself, and figure out what to do from there for a while. Could be difficult trying to find my own place. The face says "over 18," as does the body, but legal birth certificates send that plan up shit creek without a paddle. I'll just have to find some other way of convincing someone to sell me a place.

Mmm... Hirono... There's something about that chick in our class I've been hearing through the grapevine. Mayumi Tendo, or something like that. Let's just say a little birdie told me, but I don't think you, me, and Yoshimi are the only ones in our class who don't go for the whole 'chast and naively innocent' bullshit facade.

We'll talk in school.

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An LJ [October 20, 2005]


Mmm, why not? Just another excuse to say been there, done that.

(( A roleplaying journal for the_crucifix.))

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